Monday, September 13, 2010

Menu for the week of September 13th

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Monday - Breakfast: Cinnamon Rolls
Dinner: I was going to make sandwiches. But I have pizza and wings leftover from lunch with Sam's mom...SOOOOOOOO...I may feed that to the rest of the family and I'll eat a sandwich since I'm stuffed from lunch.

Tuesday - Breakfast: Cold Cereal
Dinner: Breakfast Casserole
Dessert: Not sure yet?!?! Hoping to feel inspired soon!

Wednesday - Breakfast: Oatmeal (maybe steelcut oats? in the crockpot)
Dinner: Loaded Macaroni and Cheese (adding ham and veggies)

Thursday - Breakfast: Toast and Yogurt
Dinner: Leftovers

Friday - Breakfast: Banana Muffins
Dinner: Homemade pizza
Dessert: Pudding Cones

Saturday - Breakfast: Waffles and Sausage links
Dinner: Scalloped potatoes and ham

Sunday - Evening snacks...popcorn, crackers with pb or cheese, fruit.

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